Job Brief:

Care24 needs qualified and experienced occupational therapists for to help patients with disabilities, mental health issues and severe injuries, to improve their ability to perform everyday tasks. Our therapists will work directly with clients to employ effective techniques and treatment which will improve their motor skills, balance and coordination. Additionally, therapy will include making the environment adaptable and secure for the patients. OTs will help our clients gain confidence to carry out their daily activities independently.


Occupational therapists will have to:

  • Assess and improve clients’ abilities and come up with treatments to support their health and functionality.
  • Select and adapt treatment specific to the client’s case and use intervention techniques where needed.
  • Use strategies and intervention techniques for the patients’ effective performance and safety in activities of daily living (ADL) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL).
  • Teach clients alternative ways of approaching tasks and breaking the activities into achievable and smaller parts.
  • Assess clients’ home environment and advise them and their families to make alterations to make ADL easier.
  • Recommend equipment to install in homes to improve clients’ functionality.
  • Guide and educate family members and caregivers on how to effectively care for the patients in different environments.
  • Observe, monitor and keep detailed notes of the treatment.
  • Keep short and long-term goals with timelines to motivate clients.
  • Keep track of the clients’ progress through regular follow ups.

Occupational therapist will need:

  • BS degree or greater in occupational therapy.
  • Proof of work experience as an OT.
  • Valid license to practice occupational therapy.
  • Familiarity with ADLs evaluation tools such as Katz ADL scale and Lawton IADL scale.
  • Thorough knowledge of principles and practice of occupational therapy.
  • Experience with computer programs and creative media.
  • Knowledge of the current treatment practices being employed in OT treatments.
  • Professionalism and dedication to their work.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Patience and firmness to handle clients with different temperaments.