Job Brief:

Care24 is looking for trained and reliable LPNs to care for patients suffering and recovering from injuries and illnesses. LPN will work under the supervision of a registered nurse or NP. LPN professionals must be qualified and compassionate individuals as they will be providing care and comfort to invalids. The work requires patience, diligence and a calm, empathetic person.


LPNs must be able to:

  • Record a patient’s history accurately.
  • Take and record vitals of patients such as blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and pulse rate.
  • Observe patients under treatment and record any changes and progress.
  • Observe and keep record of reactions and side effects to medications, if any.
  • Constant monitoring of patient’s condition, including fluid intake and output.
  • Make patients charts and keep them updated.
  • Assist patient in activities such as medication, IV therapy and insulin administration.
  • Administer injections and prescribed medications.
  • Clean and dress wounds and assist with basic medical care tasks.
  • Communicate effectively with the patient’s family, friends and caregivers to provide advice on aftercare, comfort and instructions on release.

The candidate must have:

  • Completion of LPN license program.
  • Experience as LPN or in a similar role for at least one year in the home care industry.
  • Be able to take on a wide range of care tasks and work in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Strict adherence with state and federal health, safety, sanitation and hygiene standards and procedures.
  • Thorough understanding of confidentiality agreements and obligations and nursing practices.
  • Excellent knowledge of medical and hospital terminology and practices.
  • Familiarity with MS Office and data entry.
  • An experience of handling stressful and high pressure situations.
  • Compassion and empathy.