Job Brief :

Care24 is looking for an experienced and reliable home health aide. Responsibilities will include monitoring and recording patients’ health in their personal residences. Additional responsibilities will include providing support, assistance and personal care during a patient’s daily routine.

Responsibilities :

The home health aide’s duties will include:

  • Monitoring and observing patient’s physical condition through daily exercise and routine tasks.
  • Monitoring and observing patients and social and emotional state of mind through regular input and output.
  • Assisting in housekeeping and domestic chores such as cleaning, laundry, preparing and serving meals, shopping, running errands and keeping appointments.
  • Assisting patient with personal grooming and hygiene.
  • Helping patients become self-sufficient and take care of themselves through learning to use a cane or walker.
  • Teaching patients to use special utensils to eat and techniques to make them more independent.
  • Show family members of the patient through demonstration and advice to care for their loved ones.
  • Maintaining a safe, secure and clean environment by following the prescribed standards and precautions.
  • Making sure the patient follows the prescribed and required diet and nutrition.
  • Keeping himself updated on health education.
  • Adhere strictly to professional standards, home care policies and local requirements.
  • Accepting ownership of responsibilities and duties and adding value to the job by taking initiatives.
Skills and Qualification :

Home health aides at Care24 must :

  • Have one year of experience in the home health industry.
  • Ensure that the home environment of the patient is safe, secure and sanitized.
  • Encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle for the patient.
  • Perform nursing duties.
  • Handle health care administration.
  • Have effective communication skills.
  • Provide medical care to patients.