Cope with the challenges and traumatizing effects of Dementia and Alzheimer. Get specialized care for your loved ones in the comfort of home.

Dementia Care:

Care24 offers specialized support to dementia patients in a familiar residential environment which provides stability and help maintain their normalcy in life. Caring for dementia patients is a daunting and challenging task which requires both emotional and physical assistance. Our staff provides help with normal everyday tasks, taking care of your medical and dietary needs. They provide empathy and companionship helping your loved ones to maintain their quality of life. Maintaining records, helping establish a healthy and daily routine and giving helpful reminders when needed is what Care24 does for you, because the health of you and your family will always be our priority.

Alzheimer’s Care:

Our Alzheimer’s care services allow you to retain your independence and dignity as we give qualified assistance and support in your home. A familiar environment with a compassionate provider from Care24 helps Alzheimer’s patients to cope with their illness, both emotionally and physically. Our specialists also provide advice and training to family members to help their loved ones cope with their illness. They guide caregivers and families to the different type of care needed to make the patients as comfortable as possible in their own homes.

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