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Running era is going to be very busy and challenging for every age of people. Specifically for the senior citizens, our seniors are facing many problems like loneliness, medical inaction and lack of independence. It is vital to take care of them and make them pleased. Home care service is the best way to provide a specialized care assistant that fulfil the needs of seniors according to their requirement. Due to this home care service, older people do not have to move to nurse homes and nursing homes. And due to this home care service, older people can enjoy their life happily with their family.            

Significance of home care service

As the word home care service describes its meaning itself, home care is a facility that gives a person unique treatments at their home. Home care service is beneficial for people having age above 60. Through these core services, every person can provide a healthy and fit life to the seniors of his family.

It depends not only on medical care or therapies but depends on the client’s needs. Lots of seniors and their families’ select home care service to keep the seniors remain in their house during any care facility or psychological treatment instead of moving to any residential care community. The caregivers provide a comfort zone for seniors through solidarity and sweet behaviour.

Some consequential types of care services:

  • Companion care services
  • Personal care services
  • Home health care services

Companion care service

Those seniors who spent their life independently and do not appreciate much assistance with their daily living activities, Companion care services are perfect for them. A companion care aide provides friendly period by spending quality time with the client, by sitting, chatting, book reading talking with someone instead of the family and friends. Life will not stop just because a person is ageing or facing any health difficulties. The companion care assistant accomplishes all the social activities to the caregiver by encouraging them.

Companion care also provides a transport service by giving the family peace of mind. Companion care services are also suitable for seniors suffering from memory weakness because they cannot take care of themselves’ properly. The care assistant can make them happy and touched with their family members. Like a friend, the aide can make seniors happy and also can provide them with proper treatment for memory fitness.

Every caregiver and his family select a special assistant according to their needs to make a strong bond between them. The caregivers can share their secrets and can easily talk with them.

Common companionship services

  • Home plan assistance
  • Errands and supermarket run
  • Keeping safe and secure to the individual and home
  • providing Medicine on time  
  • Individual correspondence and memoirs
  • Gardening book reading and further hobbies
  • Attending social events and friend visit

Personal care service

 Personal care service is provided to the clients for their daily routine activities by the personal care assistant. Personal care assistance is for those seniors who want regular support to perform their activities of everyday life. The primary services of Personal care assistants are help in toileting, bathing, grocery shopping, and also helping the seniors in mobility. However, these aides do not provide any medical treatment. These assistants can provide only physical facilities to their clients, but they cannot treat medical weakness.

Such families provide personal care service to their elders who cannot handle their seniors because, at a certain age, the lifestyle of senior people become change. Personal care service at this stage allows seniors of the family to live in their own houses with the family instead of moving to the nursing homes and nursing homes. Some seniors do not live with their children, to make them safe and fit, family members provide personal care assistant to them. Such care services allow family members to feel satisfied with their elders.  

Some standard personal care services the caregivers

  • Grooming for daily life activities
  • Haircare facility
  • Skincare facility
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Oral care
  • General hygiene maintenance
  • help in changing position if bed-bound
  • Support in physical therapy exercises
  • Washroom assistance

Health care service

Home health care service is different from the other home care services, in-home health care service. The supporters carry official certificates to deliver medical treatment to the seniors. The typical home care service performs its work on the demand of the senior or the call of their family members. But the health care service is advised by the physician, and the health care assistant is provided by the health care community of the hospital.

Seniors who suffer from any medical illness such as chronic problems, arthritis, paralysis and many more home health care service is best for them. The health care assistant provides a regular base service to the medically unfit person. Home health care also works for short-term treatments such as accidental injuries like bone fractures, epilepsy, physical weakness due to any neuronal disorders. So the health care service is not only for the senior citizens as in case of personal care service.

But to perform such services, the required aides must have certificates and specialized training, like nursing certificates. Before appointing any assistant get all information about it.

Some standard health care services

  • Physician care service
  • Nursing care service
  • occupational, Physical, and dialogue therapy
  • social Health services
  • Care from home health aides
  • Mental health care service
  • Nutritious support

How much home care service cost?

The cost package of home care service is different in every country. In the United States America, the average cost of home care service is $4,290 for a month. For home health care, the price changes, the average cost becomes $4,385 in a month. But remind that these are the national average ranges of services.

It can change depending on your location, the home care service in your community can either be less expensive or much expensive than the registered costs. You have to search for your community care services, and it also changes with time.

A list of home care services and its costs is as bellow:

Home care services National average cost
Adult daycare ( weak day only) $1,492
Assisted living $3,600
Home health care (24 hours per week) $3,813
Home health care (8hours per week) $693
Homemaker services( 24 hours per week) $3,721
Nursing home ( semi-private double residence room) $6,692
Nursing home( private, single residence room) $7,064

Frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of home-based care?

Home-based care is the service provided to a person who needs assistance directly in the home, offered by the home care community.

What is the going rate of for private nursing home care?

The average going rate for private nursing home care is

  • Saturday:                           $95.00
  • Sunday:                              $160.00
  • 6am- 8pm weekdays:      $95.00
  • 8 pm-6 am weeknights:    $120.00

Does insurance cover home care?

 Yes, in some cases, this facility is provided by the community; it depends on the policies of the care community. If the organization has such type of insurance, you can avail this offer and can make your life better.


Home care service is a very comfortable and satisfying service provided to senior citizens in their home. Home care service makes them feel happy, and they find someone who can help them in their daily routine work and help them in recovery from any disease. This home care service makes senior citizens feel excellent and pleased. Home care service provides mental satisfaction to the family members of the older people.

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