Top 25 Twitter feeds for finding Nursing Jobs

Although demands for qualified nurses can be on the rise, it can be difficult to be matched up to the right position. Location of employment, type of nurse, type of employer desired, and more can all have different nurses working different jobs. And a read of the latest classified section of your local paper doesn’t cut it anymore these days. With the internet having an answer for just about everything, those with a Twitter account have cause to exhale.

Far more than just listening to the latest celebrity rant, Twitter can be used for everything from breaking news to connecting with a new job contact. To help in a career search, we have gathered the below top 25 Twitter feeds for finding nurse jobs. Whether just looking to see what’s out there to finding specialty jobs in your area, there is something for just about everyone.

Top Twitter Feeds for Finding General Nursing
These groups and sites offer loads of nursing jobs and info.

Nursing Jobcast
Visit here for recent, up to date nursing job postings. Job alerts often come on an hourly basis.
Sharp Healthcare
This is the Twitter feed of an RN recruitment department based in San Diego. They have loads of tips for nurses, as well as a few jobs.
Get Nursing Jobs
This Twitter Feed delivers just what it promises. The title, link to the job, and short description are all given.
Nurse Jobs USA
Fresh nursing job listings in the USA are updated regularly as soon as jobs for nurses are posted on the main site. This often includes location, qualifications, and more.
This healthcare staffing firm specializes in placing nurses, pharmacists, doctors, and allied healthcare professionals in facilities nationwide. Visit for new job alerts, multiple openings, and even international opportunities.
Nurse Jobs Network
Retweets of nursing jobs from across the country are often shared here. The listings are available through NTN.
Nurse Careers
Find nurse registries and nursing jobs through this feed from Nurse Registry Info. Location, job, and a short description is shared.
Working Nurse
This nurse feed features job postings and articles to help your career. Links to items of interest are also shared.
Nursing Jobs
Stop here for the nursing job feed from Med Placer based in Nashville, Tennessee. They have many higher level positions, as well as the entry level.
Nurse Jobs Plus
LPNs, RNs, NPs, Nurse Managers, Directors of Nursing, CNAs, and more are all listed here. However, the feed isn’t updated as regularly as it should be.